“A treasure!

Since March 12th, we have been nested, nestled, and ensconced in our Cynthia Bennett home. Our project was touched by the hands of many people at your firm. Many thanks to all of you for the exquisite results. Your two most visible representatives were Goli Karimi and Carolien Fehmers. I would like to share some thoughts regarding these two excellent women:

Goli ensured that the project was completed on time and, incredibly, slightly under budget. She hired vendors whose work reflected pride in their trades. Each element is just right, from appliance selection to toilet tissue holder placement to my “work of art” floors. Goli established the foundation of a functional and beautiful home.

Working with Carolien was a pure pleasure. She found treasures that spoke to me: Louis XV chairs in pink upholstery; an exquisite headboard reminiscent of the Art Deco “Metropolitain” subway entrance in Paris; a beautifully eerie chandelier over the dining table; a desk I never want to leave. Despite Carolien’s best efforts, I do have crystal in every room except the master bedroom where I have a few leopard print touches. And so my Baroque heart and soul sing.

Finally, I asked both Goli and Carolien to prevent me from wandering into the “weeds”. They both did so with tact and grace.

Your firm has a deserved excellent reputation. My experience indicates it is understated. My husband Randy joins me in wishing you and the entire Cynthia Bennett family joy in your own homes.”

Louise and Randy Hendon


“Love it!

Unlike remodeling horror stories, you brought us in on-time and on-budget. As you you know we were reticent when starting this project. But Cynthia and Goli led us through the planning step by step. Then Goli and Robert led us through the construction phase. We are so glad we did the remodel and most especially that it was Cynthia Bennett & Associates.”
Dr. Richard Pezner and Dr. Sandy Chan


“Both bathroom remodels and the bedroom updates are everything we hoped for and more. Exquisite! Thank you for the caliber and quality of your work – from design through completion.”

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson

“Thank you for my new kitchen. The more my husband and I stare at it, the more we love it. 

At the start you were aware of my deadline and picked up on my unfocused remodeling goals, yet, you never promised what you couldn’t deliver, stayed on budget and finished ahead of schedule. It was a pleasure working with your staff that patiently guided us through the preliminary design phase, prepared the plans and moved through the construction phase so smoothly.
Also, I must praise the Project Manager, Robert. He is a real professional in spotting and handling problems, attending to all my whims and keeping us completely informed during the whole process.

Lastly, I must commend you Cynthia. Good stuff starts at the top. I came to you because I had heard rumors about you being the best – my dealings with you confirmed it.”
Dorothy and Kirby Leung

“I am continuously amazed at how much I LOVE my kitchen. Some friends had a cooking class for 10 people here the other night. The chef/teacher was thrilled with our kitchen and there was a place for everybody to work. Love, love, love my kitchen.”
Marvelle Karahadian


“We are very, very happy with the results. The kitchen is terrific! Our friends are all surprised at the transformation. Yet, it all seems to fit comfortably with the 1923 house. There is nothing trendy or jarring about it. The master bath is also wonderful. We have already commended your firm to others who are considering a remodel.”
Steve Rountree


“It’s hard to believe that I’ve been enjoying my new kitchen for almost a year now. I am so pleased that we made the choices that we did, and, of course, having your skillful crew to bring it to fruition. We have received so many compliments on the more open modern look. You and your staff deserve another big THANK YOU! The construction phase was very smooth.  Having a time line present allowed for our preparation as well as anticipation of each phase. All of the subcontractors were tops in their craft along with being pleasant and accommodating.”
Edison and Fanny Griffin 


“You operate on Swiss time while other contractors operate on Hawaiian time.”
Bill Jameson


“We enjoyed working with Cynthia, Carolien and their staff. They had good ideas, accepted our thoughts and carried out the design plan. The meetings were planned so that we had time to go over the stone, or lighting or other things before we met. They respected our choices to use furniture we had and combined those with new pieces. They checked over and over on the progress of building our new home and did a great job on the drapes and blinds. They were pleasant to work with and we highly recommend this firm.”
(Client Name Withheld)


“The remodeling of our family room by Cynthia Bennett and Associates went totally according to plan with total transparency. The job was completed on time, and the process was painless to Janet and me. It was pleasure dealing with people who were professional and knew what they were doing and had a great artistic sense.”
David T. Woodley, M.D.


“Working with Cynthia Bennett & Assoc. was such a pleasant experience, I was sorry when the project was completed. I liked how every aspect of the job was described in detail beforehand. I also appreciated the way subcontractors showed up on time, and the way someone was always available to answer questions. What impressed me most was the quality of the work. Every aspect of the job is first class. A formerly drab bedroom is now my favorite room in the house, and my standards for home remodeling have been significantly raised.”
Bill Bradley


“Working with you as turnkey consultant and contractor made our kitchen remodel so seamless and reduced our stress level to almost nothing. For one year we had compiled a binder, going through magazines and pulling out pages of styles, colors, faucets, etc. After we sat down with you, we saw a consistent style and then you were able to define it and make it a kitchen we truly wanted.
We were very budget conscious and there was some give and take but you helped us keep our vision within budget.
Lynn Kolberg was our project manager, at our home every day to meet the various contractors and to keep us informed about the project. That was very comforting and she was very nice, understanding, and patient.
You gave us a three month time frame and kept it! Really wonderful!”

Barbara and Richard Ealy