Whole Home Project: Spanish Colonial Revival

When CBA was retained in 2007 to restore this 1929 Spanish Revival bungalow to its original state, they were shocked at the state of the once charming home. Badly executed prior remodeling had removed many of the original authentic characteristics of the house. The new owners also wanted to add space on to the back of the house in order to enlarge the existing kitchen and open it up to the family room, as well as creating a new guest bath/powder room.

In less than a year, this charming two-story home was transformed with attention to every design detail, including putting in new plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation, and dual-glazed windows and new doors.

All of the furnishing and light fixtures were newly installed, including many antique pieces specially sourced by CBA, which reflected the design period of the house. In addition, all materials in the baths and kitchens were specified and installed by CBA staff. Much of the tile came from Malibu Tile, an original source for homes of that era.

Structurally, the kitchen and family room changed the most. Adding 130 square feet to the south end of the house enabled the kitchen to be enlarged and French doors to be added to the back. The terra cotta floors were newly installed in order to incorporate “Warm floor technology” in the family room.

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